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QABotics offers Software Testing and Support to help improve your product's Quality and shorten your time-to-market.

Our Competence focused teams consist of professionals with various testing expertise applying modern technologies and methodologies.


We can take over all your testing activities. Our ISTQB certified professionals can be part of your quality process.

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A tailormade Test Automation framework solution to suit your needs. Test automation will help reduce the manual effort and ensure stability to your products.

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We can provide you support during User Acceptance Testing, Alpha, Beta and Field testing. We even provide administration support on usage monitoring tools such as Atlassian products, Azure, AWS, etc… (licenses included). Ensuring proper follow up and monitoring of requests until its final agreed resolution.

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  • Before 2020

    Quality focused consultants

    The founders of QABotics are still active consultants in the field. They know best what is needed in terms of quality and how it evolves. The world keeps changing, bringing new QA challenges and new meaning to the word agile. They all know that quality is one of the main pillars that makes a product successful. If not done right, it could sadly terminate a product before its scheduled release date.

  • 2020

    Worldwide pandemic source of inspiration

    While the world is facing the worst pandemic of its era, IT companies are changing their way of working. Working remotely is the new normal. With many budget cuts, ultimately there is always that one decision to suspend until further notice QA and test activities in IT projects. Even when everybody knows that quality is important (cliché), testing resources will be part of those budget cuts. QABotics was inspired by this cumulation, of providing QA and testing services. Maintaining the required quality standards and with highly educated professionals and experts in the QA field.

  • January 2021

    QABotics is born

    2021 marks the launch of QABotics and its services. Our experts are being actively recruited as we are continuing to grow strong even in this weak economy. Taking calculated risks for our resources and customers in these uncertain pandemic times. Because we believe in quality and the ethics behind it. We believe we can bring you the quality at the right time you need it, without cuts or doubts.

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Abdelilah Outifaout


DevOps Strategist

Youssef Baouider


Test Strategist

Nicolas Duvivier


Test Automation Specialist

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